There is very little you can do in your business that will have a more positive effect on the bottom line than a well structured Loyalty System!

Gartner Research

"Acquiring a New Customer costs Five Times More than keeping an Existing One."

Lee Resources

"80% of the Future Revenue for a business will come from 20% of it's Existing Customers."

Bain & Co. Research

"A Mere 5% Increase in Customer Retention can lead to a 75% Increase in Profitability!"


"It's not just how many customers you have but how Few you have and how much Repeat Business you get from them."

Loyalty is CRITICAL to your business.

ORACLE makes the case.

"Clearly Customer Retention should be at the TOP of your Mind from Day One of your Business."

It's a Set and Forget system with A.I. Technology that runs on Auto-Pilot.
You have Total Control over everything with your own Log-in.

If you join us prior to January 1, 2021, you will be Grandfathered into a Free Loyalty System for Life.

This is Not a bait and switch, you will stay free as long as you want.
We are doing this to introduce our system and as an early adopter, you get a Tremendous System for Free. 

See more information on the buttons below.

How does it work?

Your Free system will be set up to run from your own GeoFence.

If you decide to get more creative, like with the "Tap Phone" Beacon system you saw in the customer video, this requires a subscription and a beacon purchase. The customer merely taps the beacon and everything updates.
You control the awards, when one is due, how it's claimed, and when they claim a reward the system automatically re-sets so they are working on their next reward.

No Punch Cards - No Kiosks - No Texting - No Searching for Apps - No Hassle.

We will even create a custom "Join our V.I.P. system" brochure for you with a QR Code they use to immediately join.
You would just print it off and display.

Domino's Commercial

Seen their commercial released in the Spring of 2020? We've been doing this for over a year, but we do a Lot More. Theirs only notifies, ours is the Real Deal.

One issue they have is it only works with Domino's. Ours works for ALL businesses. Customers don't need separate apps for each business. Once they have it they can use it for All their programs with all their favorite merchants, even Domino's if that franchise becomes involved.

Put it On Auto-Pilot

When you use beacons with your Loyalty system, the process is automated.

Customers enroll on their own and then each time, check-in on their own.

It's so convenient they tell their friends.

This is Viral Marketing at it's best.

Continue to the Loyalty System. 

Does it work?

Customers LOVE it.

Everything in One Place.
Works with Every Merchant.
Keeps track automatically.
You can set it on Auto-Pilot.
Customers Join on their own.
They can Reward Themselves.

The ONLY system they need.

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