For the time being, we are offering Free Customer Loyalty systems in your area.

We are doing this because we are new to the area and we need Exposure. And what better way than to GIVE you a free tool that you Will use, a tool that Will get you More Business.

To understand the power of this system and why you need it, click the link.

We'll work with you to get your system up and running.

Free Literature

You need an easy way for your customers to become involved.


The last thing you want is something that takes a lot of time on your end.

Grow Your Business

There is very little you can do that will have a more profound impact on your business.

It's a Set and Forget system with A.I. Technology that runs on Auto-Pilot.
You have Total Control over everything with your own Log-in.


Absolutely Not. When we enter a new area we really only have two choices, Pay a lot of money for Advertising or let Business Owners use the system to grow their bottom line.
We save money, you get more business and we get invaluable exposure. It's a Win all the way around.

This is totally up in the air and depends upon how quickly we achieve a recognizable presence.
But in no case will this timeline be less than SIX MONTHS.
You will receive benefits from day one as you will be showing your customers the system and the WILL come back.
We receive benefits in the long term and the benefits to us are a little slower. But you are helping us to gain exposure in the area and for that, you will be rewarded with a tool that has some real value.

Our system is based upon SPOTS. A GeoFence is a SPOT, as is a Loyalty program.
Our current price point for a SPOT is $30/mo. and that goes down depending on how many SPOTS a business needs.
But consider this. You will be able to have a system that works on an unlimited number of customers, getting them to become more Loyal to you, for the entire month for less than you would pay for just TWO Days of a small classified Ad in your local newspaper.
But should you decide you don't want the loyalty program, you just let us know. There are no up front fees and we don't even take your credit card since there are no contracts.

Since all our systems are Month to Month with no contracts, you can add, change, delete at any time.

Just contact us at and let's start a dialog. Together we'll come up with a workable plan for your business.

We'll close with this. Do you Know your Customer?